Compatibility of the dosage set with DMSO and CDS

All components of the dosing kit are made of glass or HDPE and are therefore not sensitive to chlorine dioxide solutions from MMS CLASSIC and CDSplus as well as DMSO. Only the pump spray head is made of other materials. Unfortunately this is not possible for technical reasons at the moment. The chlorine dioxide / DMSO solution should therefore only remain for the short period of use in the dosing set if the pump spray head is to be used. In case of permanent storage, the spray head would fail very quickly. This does not happen with the glass pipette as a lid. We are currently using the best components on the market.

Glass bottle or plastic bottle

The components of MMS CLASSIC and CDSplus as well as the DMSO are always filled, stored and shipped in the highest possible quality by the manufacturer in HDPE barrels or HDPE canisters. HDPE is an approved plastic for the storage of these substances and does not enter into any connection with the filler. Our bottles are from this approved HDPE. If other vendors, e.g. The DMSO only from the manufacturer in HDPE-canisters and then then into small bottles of glass, the quality is not better. Our products are all NOT light sensitive.

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