Die Blume des Lebens



"The Flower of Life" - Coaster-Set

- For water and food
- Can energize and inform
- 7 coasters in the chakra colours
- 1 coasters in rainbow colours
- 9.5cm diameter
- Design: "Flower of Life"
- Text: "love" and "gratitude" (in 6 languages)
- Wiper and washer fixed printing
- Material: polypropylene translucent

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"The Flower of Life" - Set of 8 Coasters

Water is not only vitality, but also energy and information storage. The "Flower of Life" has been known for many thousands of years in many cultures (eg, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Japan and Tibet) as a protective power symbol. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed with his water crystal photography that symbols, words and even thoughts and feelings are stored and passed on in the water. The words "love" and "gratitude" produced the most beautiful crystal pattern. Such informed water not only tastes better, but have a clearly measurable impact on the health and growth of animals and plants. It is therefore important to inform drinking water, not only filtering and disinfecting it. Our coasters-set consists of 8 coasters, seven in the chakra colours and one with rainbow pattern. You can park on beverage glasses and food and therefore inform them very powerfully and positive. A particularly nice heart touching gift! (Taric: 39241000)