MMS-Water-Filter filter head



Powerful drinking water filter for households with only 0.1 μm pore size

  • Innovative micro-membrane system
  • Pure drinking water quality
  • Refreshing taste
  • No electricity, no sewage
  • No chemicals, no decalcification
  • Mineral content is retained
  • PH value unchanged
  • Almost 100% filter performance
  • Extensive laboratory analyzes (D)
  • With anti-lime system
  • Holds up to 12 months
  • Or 11,200 liters
  • Fast and hygenic filter change
  • Simplest assembly
  • Environmentally friendly

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Attention: Here you order only one filter head - NO complete set!

Drinking water filters for domestic use with innovative micro-membrane system

The MMS-Water-Filter is a three-stage drinking water filter with top filter performance and a hygienic quick-change system. The filter mechanically removes substances and suspended substances, such as asbestos fibers, which are larger than 0.1 μm in size. Thus, the filter is up to 50 times more thorough than conventional devices. In addition, the MMS-water-filter filters chlorine and chlorine compounds (CFCs), organic compounds such as pesticides and pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances, odors, discolourations, metals and heavy metals (e.g., lead, iron and copper). It can also remove micro plastic balls, aluminum (geo-engineering) as well as glyphosate and glyfosinate, which have recently been found in drinking water. The micro-membrane system (MMS) also allows effective removal (99.9999%) of bacteria, fungi and parasites and makes the water microbiologically pure.

Stage I: Anti-lime activator

First, the water passes through a mineral mix. This protects water cookers, coffee and tea machines from stubborn limescale deposits. In addition, the structure of the water is altered so that the subsequent filter stage can filter out  e.g. heavy metals even better.

Stage II: Activated carbon block

The filter material of the second stage consists of activated charcoal produced from coconut husks (organic raw material). While many activated charcoal filters are in a loose packing, the MMS-Water-Filter uses an extremely compressed compression. Only in this way can the enormously wide-band filter effect be achieved, with a simultaneous high water flow rate of almost 5 liters / minute. This active carbon block has equal 3 mechanisms of action:
1. Screen effect: The fine pores act as a screen and retain larger contents (such as sand, rust, asbestos fibers, suspended particles and also bacteria and unicellular parasites) in the water. Many filters have only one carbon block with 5 microns (pore size), a few offer 1 micron and the better even 0.8 micron pore size. Our MMS-Water-Filter has a pore size of only 0.3 micron and thus forms a surface of several hundred football fields (!!!). This long way vitalizes and energizes the water and leads among other things to the refreshing taste.
2. Adsorption effect: Many substances such as lead, copper, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, but also drug and hormone residues, which could pass through the pores, are attracted by atomic forces of the activated carbon (van der Waals forces) as by a magnet and are permanently fixed. This also applies to substances which lead to an unpleasant taste or odor. This can block the  filter with time and thus consumes he carbon.
3. Catalyst effect: Activated carbon is also a highly active catalyst. It promotes chemical transformation processes without being consumed by itself. For example, The dangerous chlorine compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFC) are removed from the water.

Stage III: Micro-Membrane-System

After the active carbon block, a new Micro-Membrane-System (MMS) with a pore size of only 0.1 micron forms the third and most thorough filter stage. Only very few filters of the reference class have such a fine pore size. Here all suspended particles and smaller bacteria, fungi and parasites are safely restrained.

Laboratory results of filter performance:

Our MMS-Water-Filter has been extensively tested in two independent German laboratories.

For this purpose the water was doped with 22 different pesticides at 2 μg / l per pesticide, ie artificially soiled. The filter performance was then measured. Then the water was doped with 10 different elements with 20 μg / l per element. Again, the filter performance was measured. Furthermore, the calcium and magnesium content was measured before and after the filter. Finally, it was measured whether the filter housing and the filter elements might give polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into the water. In a second German bioanalytical laboratory the filter performance against known bacteria was measured.

Download Laborbericht - Rückstandsanalytik.pdf Download Laborbericht - Bio-Analyse.pdf
Laboratory report Residual analysis.pdf   Laboratory report Bio-analytics.pdf  


The MMS-Water-Filter has not only excellent filter performance, but also more than twice as much filter capacity as conventional filters. Therefore it has to be dived only approximately every 12 months or after an average of 11,200 liters. Both together lead to the lowest running costs on the market: 1 liter of refreshing drinking water for only about 1ct = 0.01 €. You have almost 1,000 liters per month available. This is usually enough for a family of four as pure drinking water, for coffee and tea, for the extensive washing of fruits and vegetables, for the cooking of food, for the pets and the flowers.

Environmentally friendly:

The MMS-Water-Filter is very environmentally friendly in many aspects. It does not consume electricity, does not require chemicals, does not produce waste water, e.g. reverse osmosis systems and also does not require elaborate decalcification. In addition, more than twice the capacity of conventional filters leads to more than 50% less waste, less transport costs and exhaust emissions per year.

Technical specifications:

Max. Flow rate: 4.5 l / min (with new cartridge)
Max. Pressure: 8.0 bar
Temperature: min. 3 ° C - max. 38 ° C
Filter capacity: 11,200 liters or max. 1 year * 1
Cartridge: Anti-lime activator, sintered active carbon block 0.3 μm and micro-membrane system 0.1 μm
Connection: 3/8 "


EU Regulation 10/2011, European Directive 98/83 / CE, DM 25/2012, DVGW (W543), KTW-A, W270. Our filter complies fully with the EU guidelines for materials that come into contact with food and drinking water.


The MMS-Water-Filter may only be operated on the drinking water line! It is usually installed in the kitchen under the sink. It can be installed between the cold water supply and does not require an additional tap for the drinking water. Alternatively it can also be connected to a separate faucet (not included). The installation takes only 5 - 10 minutes, a filter change is done in 1 minute hygienically.

Delivery content:

1x filter head 3/8 "with wall holder and installation instructions
2x hoses (3/8 ") and seals

*1 Attention: The MMS-Water-Filter requires regular periodic maintenance! In order to ensure a constant drinking water quality, the filter cartridge should be changed every 12 months or after 11,200 liters. The indicated power and capacity depends on the water quality and the local water pressure and can vary. When the flow rate has greatly decreased, the end of the filter capacity is reached and a change of the cartridge is necessary. The old cartouche can be disposed of in household waste.

TARIC-No 84212100